Culture of Success

Culture of Success!

At Jack Stuart School, our culture of success is based upon our school pledge.  We recite this pledge every day ...

Today I promise to take care of myself, take care of others and take care of this place. I won't forget my promise.

This pledge forms the basis for our Behaviour Matrix, which outlines the student expectations for behaviour in all learning areas, the playground, washrooms, hallways and buses.  The Behaviour Matrix also includes expectations for digital citizenship. 

The behaviour expectations are regularly reviewed and practiced. Students are recognized for following the behavior expectations through our "Caught in the Matrix" recognition program. When recognized, students receive a Jaguar card that identifies how they showed their promise. These cards go into a draw bucket for weekly and monthly draws. Teachers can recognize students. Students can recognize teachers and other students! There is no limit to the number of times good behavior can  be recognized, so students can have repeated opportunity to enter the draws for prizes!